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Females are Fabulous

Females are Fabulous

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An Exciting Discovery from Antiquity


In 1947 Ta'umire Bedouluis made an aming discovery in a cave on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea in Palestine. In clay jars were manuscripts and portions of manuscripts. These were what eventually came to be known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Unknown to the world however was the discovery in a nearby cave of another scroll, found in a container that could have been an ancient waste basket. The fernale archeologist who was consulted about it dismissed it outright and proposed to destroy it. But those who found it held on to it and for many years the scroll was lost to the world as it was posed from one person to another.


Until now


Now here it is. Wisdom from the ages (or from the aged) Translated from the ancient language, this book plombs the depths of the male female relationship, probes into the female psyche, examines the foot of the age old conflict between men and women, and proposes how to achieve détente.


A must rend for all men who relate to women. Do you have a mother? Do you have a sister? Do you have a girl friend or wife? Do you have a daughter? Do you have female friends or officemates? Do you talk to do busines with relate to, tench, counsel or meet with women?


If yes, then this book is for you.

  • Book Details

    Copyright ©Frank Padilla, 2014

    ISBN NO: 978-971-9637-02-8

    Published in the Philippines, March, 2014


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    Layout by Maybel V. Sempio


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    MVR Prints

    B3 L9 Casanova Drive Culiat Tandang Sora, Q.C.


    Published by

    Restoration Movement for Family and Life Ministries, Inc.

    Apartelle 12 Starmall Complex, Shaw Blvd. cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City

    Tel.: (02) 8-294-7389


  • About the Author

    Frank Padilla turned his life over to God in 1980. Since that time, he has searched the scriptures, feasting  on its richness and vitality. He has written 40 books and 7 booklets, all based on the scriptures and expounding on many Biblical quotations.


    In this book, he shares his discoveries about intriguing and challenging passages in the Bible.


    He and his wife, Gerry, are members of the Pontifical Council fo the Family. Also, he is a papal knight of the Order of St. Sylvester.


    Frank is the Servant General of Missionary Families of Christ (before: Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life), an international Catholic lay association focused on evangelization, family renewal, and the defense of life.


    Frank is also the Moderator of the Live Christ, Share Christ mission, intended to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization as a response to the call to the New Evangelization.

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